Must read: AI Transformation Playbook

Play book Author : Andrew Ng

Google Brain cofounder and former Baidu AI chief scientist 

These are the steps he recommends for transforming your enterprise with AI.

  • Execute pilot projects to gain momentum
  • Build an in-house AI team
  • Provide broad AI training
  • Develop an AI strategy
  • Develop internal and external communications

PDF location :

Ng’s other contributions

Ng is also cofounder of online learning portal Coursera, which was made popular in part due to Ng’s machine learning course.

There’s also, and “Machine Learning Yearning,” an instructional book assembled this year.

Earlier this year, Ng also launched AI Fund, a $175 million investment fund to back artificial intelligence startups.

Initial investments include, a company made to help manufacturersincorporate artificial intelligence into their businesses, and Woebot, a conversational AI company making a therapist bot.


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